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HKS A90 Supra A90 Shop MKV MK5 Toyota GR


HKS A90 MKV MK5 Toyota Supra GR Parts by A90 Shop

As of early 2023, A90 Shop earned the title of HKS Pro Dealer, as one of the industry's leading sellers. HKS is perhaps the most known aftermarket brand in the world. HKS has been the industry leader and is known for driving Japanese performance trends. With the long standing history and quality associated with HKS products, you can be sure that everything they produce for your MKV A90 Supra is reliable and performance oriented. 

They provide the most capable lowering springs for the platform that are both adjustable and retain the factory electronic dampening function. Their exhausts for the A90 are fan favorites. The HKS air intake systems provide the MKV Supra with the highest standard of heat reduction with their carbon fiber box and tube design. They were also the first to develop a BOV, or blow off valve system, for the MK5 Supra that does not affect the car's tune in any way. Having HKS be involved in the aftermarket development for the MK5 Toyota Supra GR is a game changer; and we are certainly glad to provide their products for your A90 Supra needs.

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