P2uned was formed from the success of their parent company Prayoonto Racing. Dominance on the drag strip established their company's leadership in the space during the mid to late 90's. While Prayoonto Racing still specializes in high powered extremely well tuned machines, P2uned was formed to bring an advanced modification and parts platform to late model vehicles such as the A90 and A91 Toyota Supra and other BMW platforms that utilize the B58 and S58 power plants. Our mission is to roll out cutting edge parts and solutions to meet the ever growing needs of all enthusiasts from the weekend driver all the way to the world record breaking speed obsessed. P2uned shop vehicles are outfitted with the exact same parts you see in our catalog and only the highest quality parts that are rigorously tested make it to the public. Your power goals are their passion and they'll do everything we can to ensure only the best results.

We are very happy to partner with them to provide you with these excellent, quality parts for your path to the perfect build.